Henry and Joey were much-loved pet pygmy goats who led long, happy lives. I grew up with pygmy goats as pets because I was aged just nine when we acquired Henry and Joey in 1997; and prior to this, my parents reared two other pygmy goats - Cocoa and Pepper - who were born several years before me and died in the mid-90s.

This website is therefore based on decades of experience of rearing pygmy goats. While Henry and Joey were alive, it was regularly updated with new photos, information and videos. It now remains online in their memory as a source of knowledge on pygmy goats.

The Caring for pygmy goats section is particularly useful for pygmy goat owners and people considering owning pygmy goats, as it provides information on how Henry and Joey were looked after; focussing on pygmy goat paddocks, accommodation, food, body care and habits, goat-friendly toys and winter care.

General information on pygmy goats is also availale, as well as details of Henry and Joey's lives and photos & videos of them. You can also view the guestbook section to read/sign the guestbook or contact me privately. Henry and Joey even have a Facebook page!

In 2009, I was a contestant on Channel 4 gameshow Deal or No Deal and Henry was discussed during my show, which can be seen in this video.

This website was first put online as part of a school project in 2000. It was sporadically updated before being relaunched in 2010 and since then it has attracted over 80,000 unique visitors, many of whom have come here from various Google searches or other sites.